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Oncology Spa Services

Cancer. Cancer is viewed as such a harsh word. The word itself brings to mind an ugly connotation. The journey of cancer can cause much mental stress, physical suffering, and emotional exhaustion to people.

Yet, we have seen a beauty in the lives of those with cancer that is unmatched. We have seen the beauty of a soul whose life has been labeled and diagnosed with a harsh illness, but their soul exudes an overwhelming amount of bravery, kindness, and grace. Unfortunately, their bodies, due to cellular degeneration, radiation, chemotherapy, and exhaustion, cannot as easily display the beauty their soul emanates. We at the Well of Life Center desire to help each individual living with or recovering from the symptoms of cancer display the beauty within.

Let us soothe your body and your mind – you deserve the beauty of restored vitality and healthy skin!

Oncology Massage
60 minutes  |  $80

Studies have shown that the power of resting in the comfort and compassion of healing hands can reduce pain, fatigue, and inflammation. Our licensed massage therapists with special training in oncology massage will meet you wherever you are in your journey with cancer, and create an individualized massage experience designed to comfort and support your entire body. They will use light to moderate pressure to help relieve stress, pain, and fatigue, while promoting increased circulation and immune function, and creating a sense of well-being.

Prior to your initial massage, we will provide you with a 15-minute complimentary consultation, which allows us to review your intake forms. Please note that all patients currently undergoing cancer treatment must consult their oncologist and have him/her complete the Physician Permission Form below before we start any new massage treatments. If you are a survivor, the Physician’s Form is not necessary.

Oncology Facial – available at Well Spa & Fitness only
60 minutes  |  $100

Skin can be severely altered during cancer treatments, and lack proper nutrients, blood flow, and hydration, leaving the skin dry and sensitive. An oncology facial is designed to restore and maintain healthy, glowing skin, as well as bestow a lasting feeling of well-being. Our Certified Oncology Esthetician will assess your skin and provide the appropriate treatment for your specific skin care needs using only the safest and most pure products. A soothing hand or foot treatment with warm or cool towel compresses is also included.

Prior to your initial facial, we will provide you with a 15-minute complimentary consultation, which allows us to review your intake form. Please download and complete the form below before arriving at your scheduled appointment time.