Did you know that Well Spa & Fitness is considered to have the ELITE in Fitness Instructors?

Not only do we have the best of the best when it comes to our instructors, we purposely have smaller groups in our classes so our talented team is able to give optimal individual attention. You will leave each class feeling challenged and accomplished!

When you begin a fitness program at the Well of Life, you will start by meeting with one of our Fitness Instructors. They will assess your strengths, limitations, needs, goals, and interests. From there, you will receive a plan, a path to success. That path can include group classes, private Pilates training sessions, and/or home workouts.

We are pleased to offer fitness programs to the public and to current Well of Life clients alike, for every level of physical fitness. If you are currently a Well of Life Nutritional and Chiropractic client, you qualify for our “Member Client” pricing. Our Private Pilates Training, Fitness Classes, and Pilates pages have specific prices for all of our fitness services.

Private training


Private Pilates training sessions allow your trainer to design and personalize a fitness plan for your own individual purpose and needs.

Fitness classes


We offer a variety of fun classes for every level of fitness. Pick whichever class suits you best, then sign up online!



Pilates can make a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body.

For appointments, please call 484-833-1080

Benefits of Exercise


Improves your quality of sleep


Strengthens your muscles, bones, and joints


Increases your energy and endurance


Boosts your immune system


Increases blood oxygen levels


Relieves stress, depression, and anxiety


Improves your sexual performance and restores your libido


Prevents osteoporosis


Slows the aging process


Reduces the risk of many diseases

fitness class

Spread the word

Share your fitness story with others, and encourage them to begin their own! Refer 3 friends to our fitness department for private training and earn a free private training session for yourself. Or, refer 3 friends to take a group fitness class and earn a free class for yourself. Talk to your fitness instructor for more information about our referral prizes!

What our clients are saying…

Looking at a 61-year-old body that has been altered by scoliosis and a rotated rib cage, Lisa Hockel responded with an infectious, positive attitude: “Yes, you can change your spine.” My problems date from inadequate treatment of a late childhood injury. The consequence has been the development of spinal curvature, torso rotation, and chronic pain. I have for decades worked with many practitioners, seeking to find relief and reconstruction. Lisa, through her experience and enthusiasm, has reinvigorated my quest and renewed my hope in the goal of changing my body’s condition. Lisa is much more than the words “fitness instructor” or “personal trainer.” She observes the body with a disciplined attention to movement detail then creates personalized exercises to facilitate corrective changes. I feel and can see a difference in my body’s posture that her efforts have guided me toward. I look forward to the next steps toward my goal.

Kathy V.